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September 08, 2004


Mrs. Victoria Gotti,
I would first like to say that I enjoy watching you and your family on the reality tv series. You are someone to be admired, your very attractive and I just hope the ladies that view your show learn from you and see that being attractive is a wonderful thing but being wise, smart, strong, and have the ability to raise three well educated men which is tough to do in today world makes a true and complete woman.To the Gotti men, I hope you see that your mother and her values are what women seem to lack these days. For all the ladies who have posted their comments to "The Gotti Family" if you really watched the show as you claim, I think you would be aware that Victoria being who she is and what she wants for her boys she would never allow her boys to read much less respond to the disrespectful and tacky english grammer that you ladies use. Comments such as those are comments used by women who think that trash talk like that attracts men, well it may attract men but those type of men don't include "The Gotti Boys" and if any of you were ever to find yourself any where near the Gotti family I pray you think before you speak and if you have time take some courses on how to speak the english language.
You have a beautiful family
God Bless
Alexandra, Southern California

yooo 2 all u fine ladys im really tight with ya boys carmine nd john if u ladiez need a hook up juss b my friend at www.myspace.com heres my link www.myspace.com/gunitsoilder

If anyone ca nprovide me with their home address and I know some of you out there can. Talking to the girls that put those magazine pics in their mail box. If you girls know their address please spread the news so that others can give them fan mail. The decent girls ofcourse.

hey wuz up people...luv your fan

well i just wanted to know if frank had a lady and if he likes a latina just e-mail me ok

i have my own website it is awesome go into it and leave a message
ur going to love it i made it

im brazilian doesnt carmine like brazilian girls well watever...........i love them

xoxoxo Jess xoxoxo

i love them all. i hope some day i can meet them i just love the boys and Victoria is my idol i live in boston and hope some day to meet them i just love them so much............xoxoxoxoxoxo Jess

i just wanted to say victoria i love your show it is very entertaining and i enjoy it very much. vistoria your have very nice looking sons. i would die if i met any of you gotti (john, frankie, and carmine you guys are so hott). maybe you guys could email me back that would be so tight. well thats it for me hugs and kisses...muah :)

john gotti i srry i would fuck you ne day! e mail me n it can happen!

i am italian! and few other races... but
n-e-ways i know i can speak for everyone when i say thee gotti brothers are so damn fine! i have the knowledge, potential,and energy to fulfill ya fantasies!?! dont get me wrong i am not a hoe cause my body akes for johns hands...
if john gotti cums upon this little
note please feel free to send me sumthin on my e-mail-bettyboop692904@yahoo.com

I love tha show itz awsome and mafia stuff i love to watch stuff about that i am half italian and half white my Grandfather was in the mafia but sadly he died befor i really got to know him but i do know he loved his family just like i do he did some bad things but he is not a bad person and I like to see stuff about the mafia cause thats what i have to remeber my grandfather by i would never disrespect the mafia they are just trying to make a liveing thats just the way i see it. My grandfather died in 1994 when i was 4 years old i am now 15 and still wish i could see him one more time but the mafia i have respect for them and all there familys ohh... yeah and Growing Up Gotti is fing awsome

Listen, when i watch this show i feel like im at home, everything is the same, its scary sometimes. But i just wanna say to john n carmine that me n my friend frankie are exactly like u guys and girls tell us all the time we should be on the show and hang out with you guys, i kno its a little bizarre but if u want to write me back and we'll talk, later fellas

Oh my Gotti!!! you guys are so bomb i love watching your guys show on channel 52 every monday at 9 and if i miss it at 9 i stay up till 2am to watch what i miss since they play it then!!! I even have on demand so i make sure i watch at least 2 episodes each day when i come home from school!! Well I LOVE JOHN!!!

I'm Italian. I think that this movie is very racist agaist Italians. We are the 6ht powerfull industrial nation in the world (Ferrari,best design,best foods,best fashion and a man into space in these days (Vittori)).
Italians are: Cristoforo Colombo, Amerigo Vespucci (who called America in this way),Meucci (created phone in 1850), Marconi (created Radio in early 1900), Fermi (Nuclear energy), Volta (Voltt-elctricity energy),other 100,000 artists,popes,saints,scientiscits (a lot of Nobel prices),genius etc( from latin et cetera and more).
It's time to describe real Italians! You can discov that Italians study a lot (we must study for university books of 1000 pages and than makes Oral Exams!). I suggest you to ask an Italian to continue this poem:" Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita.." He will continue this poem!! This is by Dante Alighieri (1200).
We are good persons, with a great culture and very hospitable but Americans are very racist with us. We are not as Soprano o Gotti! Italians hate mafiosi.
Sorry for my English. I speak better french and I love to read Latin (I'm only 23 years old but a lot of Italian study Latin at schools. This is the language of Romans and Roman-litterature.)

i love your son jonh.

I Just wanted to say you are all very fine and I would love to meet you all. ~love shauna

Holy shitt omg John, Carmine, and Frankie you guys are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuking sexy i cant even describe how hot u guys are im so obsessed with all of you. Victoria u better keep those bois lik tha being all gud n sexayy..;) lol. Well just wanted to say taht hopefully u guys would email me back beacuse im so obsessed with you all and i love your show i never miss it on mondays at 9 on channel 31 see i even remember so plzz.. OMG i wish i could meet you guys you guys r so fuking sexy, and frankie ur so funnie lol

Victoria, I'm wondering if u could lend me some money to buy a car.I'm 60 and am raising my 15 yr old.I'm having such financial problems and my 6 healthy young brothers care less about my misfortunes.Incidently,my daughter,Ashley and i never miss your show.If one in a million,you should get in touch with me-WoW!!!! That would be a miracle. Love you guys!!!

Victoari gotti i just can't find the words to describe how much i love your show. I also am trying to finds to contact you...i really want to have you e-mail im sure you have one....so if you do read this please write me back at dyer_60@hotmail.com

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