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October 26, 2004


You have to meet my friend Pat. He went to the Grudge premiere and said Sarah Michelle Gellar was beautiful in real life and very kind. He loves Buffy as well.

Hi! I hope SMG can get her career (back) on track. She really hasn't done much since Buffy! :| I MISS BUFFY!

You commented on my weight loss blog about also being an Aussie in Seattle -- I come here usually once a year for Christmas/long school holidays because my Mum and little sister live over here. I've spent all of 2004 in Seattle to make use of my gap year between school and uni. I like Seattle but I can't wait to go back home... I really miss Australia and Australians.

How bout you? What state did you used to live in? Did you marry an American guy? That's wy my Mum is here. Do you think you'll ever go back to Aus?

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