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November 16, 2004


*sigh* This sort of stuff happens ALL the time. It's like that cartoon suggests -- the cameraman is the one told to stop, not the soldier. I've heard interesting viewpoints over the past year or so but here's one: "All's fair in love and war. You don't think Iraqis would do the same, given the chance?"

Now, it's not my viewpoint but it's something to think about. I don't think you can blame the soldier. Blame the person who sent him there and refuses to pull him from a losing battle. Hello, Vietnam. The same sorts of things happened when troop morale was low due to fighting an unwinnable war. Think the My Lai Massacre, where American troops stormed the village of My Lai and murdered, raped and tortuered every man, woman and child, mostly unarmed civilians because they were scared and frustrated that they were losing the war so very badly. Seeing young teenage friends getting killed in a war about oil must play some funny tricks on the mind...

Thanks Gerry! It was great to hear the whole story straight from the source.

Sorry, I thought your comments allowed html tags. Here's the guys blog URL: http://www.kevinsites.net/2004_11_21_archive.html#110107420331292115

The journalist who did that story has put up a full explanation of what happened on his blog

You made a really good point! War is ugly on all sides of fence. I find it even more disturbing to think that one day these soldiers must return home and are then expected to lead normal lives? That just ain't gonna happen. Where is the help for soldiers returning suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Isn't it curious that the U.S. Government doesn't want Al Jazeera to show images of U.S. citizens being decapitated by masked extremists with giant butcher knives, but they don't even blink an eye at NBC showing one of our soldiers turning a half-paralyzed insurgent's skull into raw meatloaf with an M-16? Ultimately, you would have to think that this soldier was either doped up on the speed pills they give these guys to stay awake with, completely scared out of his mind (who wouldn't be?), or had bad training, judgement, leadership, or all three. In the end, it was senseless to both commit and then to show, and only serves to de-sensitize American TV viewers who, having seen actual decapitations and heads being blown off, are immune to these things and no longer give a crap.

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