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December 29, 2004


Katie is not a leech. But I must say when I look at Bella I do see a Katie resemblance. They are both small
with changing hair styles, mostly cheerfull (except when you wake them), likes to run around for no apparent reason and very sweet one minute and barking next.

Wow, Faith, I don't know about what my mom said: I have the personality of leech and she would be the first to confirm that. But seriously, to a dog or a child- you and Joel would make wonderful parents. I can't help but really love the grey Boxer, what a cutie.

Faith, Just take the leap of faith (no pun intended) and have a baby. You may get lucky and have a child who has the fairness and skin of a sphinx, swim like a piranha, have a sweet disposition like your ferrets, and the personality of a pit bull. A baby changes everything - in the best possible way.
All the best to Joel and yourself.

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