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January 13, 2005


Hello JB

It is so good to hear that something was done about him - so many times we see the justice system failing the victims in sexual motivated cases. Actually, I do hope that his sentence is longer than 6 yrs as that is not nearly enough for the trauma that he has caused his victims, and it would be my assumption that being a sexual predator he would continue to prey on women if released back into society.

Take care of yourself


Just an update...
Arlin Jordin was convicted of both 2nd degree rape AND indecent liberties on May 11th. He's behind bars right now awaiting sentencing to take place July 12, 2006. He is expected to get anything from 6 1/2 years to LIFE!!!! I am very grateful to all of the people who offered me support throughout this whole ordeal. I am also grateful to the jury for not buying the whole "consensual" argument ( I wouldn't have even entertained the idea!) and for recognizing the truth. There is such a thing as justice.

I want to thank YOU for having this blog! I do think that it is important to get his name and face out there, and to increase awareness of these types of situations. You are absoutely right when you say that you just cannot always tell who the "creeps" are.
This story has gotten pretty incredible. Just to clarify, the last I heard in addition to me, there are 12 other women alleging drugging and rape and I believe 9 others who have claimed to have been drugged but not sexually assaulted. The remainder have been tips relating to his behavior. Not all of these druggings took place at his home. He has been 86'd from numerous downtown Spokane bars for suspicion of slipping drugs into women's drinks. He'd pick someone, sleaze up next to them, drug them then offer to give them a ride home when they showed signs of not feeling well. One guy I know of believes he was drugged by Arlin, who was apparently interested in his wife. I have learned of other victim's too, who have NOT reported to police for various reasons. Some of these stories would make your skin crawl! I know in my heart that there are more than 13 actual rape victims. Police have estimated that 1/3 of the victims have come forward. 39? It's sickening.
Arlin was released on his own recognance (sp?) and is walking around Spokane as I write this. Formal charges have yet to be filed, which is of course driving me mad! They aren't kidding when they say that the wheels of justice turn slowly. In the meantime, his attorney has publicly called me a liar (basically, in saying that my allegations are false, and Arlin intends on prosecuting ME for that to the "fullest extent of the law"! I am supposed to make myself feel better by telling myself that it's just the attorney's job) I've yet to speak to a prosecuting attorney, so I feel like I have no recourse for anything. Word is they are waiting for toxicology reports to come back on the "bags full of pills" removed from his residence. I don't know, but I am having a hard time being patient and keeping my mouth shut!
I didn't mean to sound like I was making a threat in my first post. It was more of a promise to do everything in my power,WITHIN LEGAL PARAMETERS, to see to it that HE is prosecuted, and to the fullest extent of the law!
I have a feeling that there is more going on as well, regarding housing civil suits filed against him and so on. Hopefully he goes away for a very, very, VERY long time.
Thank you, again for putting this information out.


Thank you for posting on my blog.

I am deeply sorry for the horrific experience that you have been through.

I applaud you for having the courage to confront this person and make sure that he does not prey on another human being, ever again!

I also admire your strength in confronting your fear and not letting it control your life. Unfortunately, we live in a world with people that don't always deserve our trust. People who know how to manipulate others to fulfill their own sick desires. The problem is knowing how to discern between the two groups?

Hopefully, this will be a message to others to be extra careful. That is really all you can do.

Take care, Faith

I AM the woman who was drugged and raped by Arlin Jordin on November 23/24, 2004. No, my name isn't Joanie Balonie, but I feel the need to protect my anonymity.
I just want to make it known that I am not an idiot. Miriam pegged it when she stated that this man (if he is indeed human...) preys on women who are going through a rough time. I was. That time seems like a cakewalk now, that is for sure!
When I went to view the apartment I had just spent a solid 5 hours deep-cleaning the apartment that I was vacating, and after working an 8 hour day. I was completely exhausted. He didn't come off as weird or creepy to me at all. He was nicely dressed. Very friendly, and not in a creepy way, but almost fatherly. I lost my father not long ago, and he knew this. He came off as genuinely concerned about my situation and told me that he really wanted to help me out. Unfortunately, I bought it. He was so convincing that even the next morning I had a hard time believing and understanding what had just happened to me, even though memories were surfacing and it was pretty obvious. Sure, I was drugged out of my mind. I don't even remember all of my drive home. Thankfully my friend indngirl was around the next morning to help me put a perspective on things. She is the one who suggested to me that I had been drugged then took me to the hospital. I was so sick and disoriented that I barely knew what the hell was going on.
In hindsight, of course, I can think of countless indicators. Too late. I'm tired of hearing, "Why did you accept a drink from him?" or "What were you doing there alone?" Am I to believe that due to my gender that I am not to go anywhere or conduct any business on my own? That I am to trust NO ONE??? Despite what has happened to me and countless other women, I can't live my life in fear of everyone around me. I'll be far more cautious, no doubt about it!
This guy is a pro, that is all there is to it. I take some solace in the fact that my misfortune has exposed his behavior, and hopefully puts an end to it once and for all.
I am currently doing everything in my power to make sure that this man gets what HE deserves. Hear that, Arlin? Now you are going to get what is coming to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this girl- and I know this story-

Not to flame but- don't be dumb ladies- he did't lure her to his house then answer the door in a robe- He didn't "reek of creep". He went out of his way to lure her to his house on rental business, then he went out of his way to make a tired and polite woman comfortable- he's had years to perfect his "charm" and sometimes- people actually trust other people. His intentions were obvious AFTER THE FACT- but don't fall into the cliche of thinking all victims are stupid. And for god's sake- don't insult the one person brave enough to step forward and fight this man. This woman is getting a serial rapist off of the streets- how about a little rational perspective?

That is so scary and creepy. It's fantastic that that woman listened to her gut. It's so hard to do, because sometimes you feel like your gut is overracting (and sometimes it probably is), however I truly doubt anyone has EVER regreted listening to their gut instict. Thanks for the alert Rasputina.


I was one of the women that this guy almost raped. I say almost, because I was onto him fairly early, and made no secret of it to him other than to laugh it off, fearing that if I was too assertive he would become violent.

He didn't initially greet me at the door in his bathrobe. That happened later. As it turned out, I had a friend with me at the time. Otherwise I would not have entered his building at all.

Arlin is sneaky, and very good at convincing women (like me) that he is trying to help them. He preys on women that are in dire straits, like going through a divorce and seemingly having nowhere to turn (again, like me).

I was lucky enough to convince him that I could not afford to keep the apartment, which was true. I don't think he had a clue that I was also leaving because he gave me the creeps.

He called me about a week before the first rape allegation was made, inviting me over for drinks. I declined.


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