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May 13, 2005


Urgh, ants! I spent a summer at my grandma's while they had an ant problem - I discovered too late that leaving candy out on the table in a bowl was stupid stupid - they really do taste like lemons, those ants..


I completely feel your ant problem and I have the only solution that works. I have recommended this to everyone that I know and it has worked for them too. There is a product on the market, only carried by your local hardware store. Is is a small bottle of gel that cost $3.00. You put the dime size squeeze on a small piece of aluminum foil and place it where the ants are. Leave the room and try to stay away so the ants have privacy and arn't scared off. Soon -within a few hours-they will start to feed. They take the food back to the nest and feed it to the queen and she feeds it to the colony and BOOM the entire colony is wiped out in 24-48 hours GUARANTEED. The product is called Terro and is in a orange box. Like I said very small bottle. Only like 1 or 2 ounces. My bottle has lasted 3 years for only $3.00. If you can't find it at your store, they have a website....www.terro.com- the item is "Ant Killer" I feel your pain, I called an exterminator, bought sprays and everything on the market until one day I finally decided to try the cheap stuff, it was amazing and has been the same miracle over and over again for everyone that I have recommended it to. Good Luck, let me know how it goes.

One of my rellies has those in her house.. they draw blood when they bite little assholes!

Hope they learnt who's boss and dont send reinforcements


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