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May 29, 2005


I'm not positive how Dr. Deeb died but I heard that it was from cancer. She was introduced to me when I got my first pet rabbit. I always thought of her as "the wizard" of rodent vets. She knew everything and I totally trusted her. I had 2 very sick rabbits and she took care of them both throughout their illnesses. One thing I can say about Dr. Deeb is that she wasn't the most social person but her connection with animals and her passion for her work was so evident. Like the woman above stated: Dr. Deeb was a woman a few words. She was VERY well known in the vet community and well respected. I was sad to hear that she had passed.

Faith, both my mom and I want to know what happened to Dr. Deeb? We both read your post twice and can't figure out what happened to her. It's a lovely post about a wonderful sounding person.

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