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July 20, 2005


Touche! Newborns and blogs are NOT a good combo... but then I don't think anyone ever read mine since I have an even more boring life than Joel's.

Oh jeremy - all I can say is 'let he who casts the first stone check out his own blog first?'

I don't get this blog surfing thing. The only blogs I read are this one and Joel's since there's no other way to work out what my freaky family are up to! :) (Though Joel's is like watching paint dry since he rarely updates it... guess he has a boring life!)

I remember the dentist case. To make something awful even more so, she had their preteen daughter in the car with her. Talk about teaching a bad lesson.

I read Stephanie Klein daily as well, although I can't really figure out why. She is super self-involved and rubs me the wrong way. She is everything she says she can't stand. I feel sorry for her, because she reeks of insecurity. But all that said I read her blog religiously, so I must love all of the above things.

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