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August 09, 2005


Thanks for your comments at my blog today. Your new house looks pretty nice. Throw me up a link if you get time...!

I'm glad the trip was so much fun. I love big cities too and would love to visit Boston. Unfortunately, for the rest of my family, Tacoma is about as big as they want to go.

Hi, I just came across your blog while visiting Stargazer. I had to leave a comment when I read your profile...the first line is what I always tell people about myself. Ha! Still trying to figure it all out myself.

Love your new place and hearing about your trip to Boston. We are thinking of heading up to New England in October to celebrate our anniversary too. Thanks for sharing and I'll be watching for the rest.

anxiously waiting chapter 2

Hey honie thank you for stopping by mine I will be stopping by yours!

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