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October 28, 2005


A cutie :) I love the brindle :)

She's adorable!

Make sure to take lots of pictures, now :-)

ps: Also, just saw a Google movie program (for website) that doesn't slow it down..

Congradulations! She is completely adorable!

Thank you Jessica. I hate to see all those little faces in the shelter looking back at me and find it hard to understand why people choose to get an animal if they will not commit to looking after it. I have always loved pit bulls and never thought people were so narrow minded about the breed until I started telling people that we were getting one. Some of the feedback was truly mind boggling? Unbelieveable?

As a dog and animal lover I would like to THANK you first and foremost for adoping, and secondly, adopting a Pit Bull nontheless! It hurts me that they get such a bad rep from irresponsible owners. I only wish there were more people like you in the world to show everyone that it isn't the case!! They are WONDERFUL dogs and such a joy to have! Congratulations on your new baby!! ;)

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