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November 07, 2005


I dunno, it looks like the same kind of thing. Pulling heart strings, using scare tactics, embellishing facts with strong and directive language. I think they are very very clever, which also means that I need to doublethink and use discernment on every statement that comes from their channels.

The Jesusveg.com site may seem a little over the top, and I don't even see the connection to consuming meat in this day and age. When Jesus walked the earth I cannot imagine animals living in the same conditions that they do in factory farms nowadays?

I think it is a long stretch to compare Peta who is doing all they can to protect animals, to a group such as the KKK? I think the way in which the KKK twist scripture is more like some of the christian denominations in this country.

Because the people at Peta seem a little over the top:

And who owns that site?

I'm all for being kind to animals, but didn't some other group also twist the Bible to justify their existence too?

I just think PETA are very very smart, and have some very astute researchers who are good at generating support for the organization. I don't even own any animals, and I wouldn't let a PETA person inspect my house. I'm sure they'd hang me up for mistreating my spiders. Just my humble opinion, no antagonism intended.

I do appreciate your comments. Although, I work in the office I have co-workers that have worked in the lab and I know people in that area as well. They are all pet owners and have nothing but compassion for animals. The facilities do have third party people drop in on them check out the ASPCA site http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=about_iams_site02.

Thank you for your comments. I am interested to know your job position at Iams? Are you in the lab or an office position? Also I have reviewed the information on the website you listed and it looks like Iams are wonderful caring people, in print. My concern is that if Iams are such a caring company why is Peta still harassing them? It is not like they don't have companies to boycott? My mind would be at ease only after Iams allowed Peta into their facilty to conduct a thorough inspection.

Deep into the darkness peering long I stood there wondering...why is everyone so quick to believe the negative. I work for Iams and know the dedication and compassion these people have for animals! Check out www.iamstruth.com for a different view.

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